Abandoned wealth (detroit)

The title of this post refers to the ability of humans to get anywhere, and do what he pleases.

If you think about it, we realize that we live in a world of our imagination, not by nature.

An architect imagined your home, you imagine living in a house like that, and so live. Just like that, we are the shapers of reality, then modified at will like a lump of clay spinning on a lathe in question.

But what I am going to show you , it was a city, namely the 4 th largest city throughout the U.S., was imagined, but also forgotten, as if there is no longer any value in it.

At the beginning of last century, Detroit was a bustling city emerging. Henry Ford had just opened the first line of production cars in the world, which made ​​this city south of the Great Lakes of North America in the world capital of motor racing. Thousands of people came from all over the country to join the industry, which made ​​it the fourth largest city in the United States (2 million inhabitants) and one of the richest.
However, all that only the ruins, the ruins of Detroit, comparable to those of Athens or the Pyramids of Egypt, because since 1950 the city was depopulated due to the relocation offactories and social problems, abandoned to their fate many buildings constructed in the era of economic boom.

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